How do dialup ISPs allow multiple clients under one access number?

Peter Dambier peter at
Mon Nov 24 16:55:59 UTC 2008


it is flatrate mostly, but they use PPP for accounting data.

You are connected via a DSL modem, that is kind of ATM.
Your telephone number does not matter.

You can terminate your DSL modem with a switch and connect
five hosts each with its own user and password and even
different providers.

And you can move from the north of germany down south, connect
with your same account.

You cannot connect more than one with your account, except
when you pay for a subuser but that is like yet another account.

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John Musbach wrote:
> I'm interested in figuring out how dialup ISPs work and have found
> plenty of info on dialin server setup but not much on how ISPs allow
> multiple clients under one access number, how do they do it?

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