NANOG 45 Preliminary Agenda and Conference Registration

Todd Underwood toddunder at
Mon Nov 24 15:37:38 UTC 2008

NANOG 45 is fast approaching. Today we have a preliminary agenda to
announce that should assist people who need supplementary material for
travel justifications.  There are a number of presentation slots still

The Program Committee will continue to accept presentations this week
(if you plan to submit something, Friday was the deadline, but we will
try to review presentations that arrive during the week this week.
Please contact me if you have a talk in progress and need information
on how to submit it, but in general:

Please note that conference registration is open and the early bird
discount expires in under two weeks:

Hotel registration is open as well, although to get the discount rate
you may have to call the hotel.  They are working on the automated
registration issue and should have it resolved soon.  Be aware:  the
hotel is outrageously cheap for very nice rooms (part of what should
make your travel justification easier), so be sure to register soon.

Also, consider booking travel soon.  A number of airlines have
substantially discounted flights at the moment, but one never knows
when they might expire.

The following talks were submitted early and have already been
accepted by the Program Committee:

Introduction to LISP
 Dave Meyer, Cisco
 Dino Farinacci, Cisco

Small Network Operator - Lessons Learned
 Pete Templin, Nextlink

BGP 102: Scaling the Network
 Avi Freedman, Akamai

DNSSEC at Comcast
 Srini Avirneni, Comcast Cable

Accurate and Advanced Traceroute for Troubleshooting
 Richard Steenbergen

Peering 101
 William Norton and Kevin Oberman

Plenary Presentations:
Tutorial on using the Malware Hash Registry
 Stephen Gill, Team Cymru

Practical Reverse Traceroute
 Ethan Katz-Bassett, University of Washington

DNSSEC at Comcast
 Srini Avirneni, Comcast Cable

BFD - Is it worth it and does it work in production networks?
 Tom Scholl, AT&T Labs

It's The End Of The World As We Know It (aka "The New Internet Architecture")
 David Meyer, Cisco/Univ of Oregon

4-byte ASNs
 Greg Hankins, Force10 Networks

Birds of a Feather Sessions (BOFs):
ISP Security
 Danny McPherson, Arbor Networks
 Warren Kumari, Google

 (including welcome, peering personals, peering survey results
 contact aaronh at to present)
 Aaron Hughes, Cariden Technologies, LMCO, UnitedLayer

Research Forum:

A Comparative Analysis of BGP Anomaly Detection and Robustness Algorithms
 Kotikapaludi Sriram, Patrick Gleichmann, and Doug Montgomery

100Gbps for NexGen Content Distribution Networks
 Martin Zirngibl, Alcatel-Lucent

I Look forward to seeing all of you in Santo Domingo,


Todd Underwood,
Chair, NANOG Program Committee
toddunder at

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