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> Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2008 09:32:45 -0500
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> Subject: RE: Level 3 OC-12 cut in SanFran/Hayw
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> Keep waiting. I've been yet unsuccessful on getting a call back from anyone. They keep saying the same thing "it's part of a oc12 issue, field techs have been dispatch, please wait, no etr". Since that's now over 12 hours, I don't find it acceptable (not the down part, if it's part of a large cut, outage etc, I understand that), but rather their lack of information. I've escalated it to a "level 4 escalation" and they promised a callback within 15 minutes (which was 30 minutes ago).
> By any chance, were you originally a Broadwing customer? I have a feeling that the oc-12 that was disconnected was a mistake in their db caused by the acquisition, and since they may have lost the original info, they may have no choice but to re-engineer the circuits.
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> From: Brandon Shiers [mailto:brandon.shiers at]
> Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2008 9:06 AM
> To: Matthew Huff; 'NANOG list'
> Subject: RE: Level 3 OC-12 cut in SanFran/Hayw
> I can tell you I have a DS3 here in Wyoming down because of this outage as
> well.  14 hours now it's been out and we haven't received anything from L3
> unless I call and beat it out of them.  I am waiting on a CB from a
> supervisor right now.
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> Subject: Level 3 OC-12 cut in SanFran/Hayw
> We lost a DS3 out of our downtown SF office around 4 hours ago. The Level 3
> master ticket for OC-12 outage is #3020259 and is out of Hayworth. Anyone
> know anything more about this? Getting any info out of level 3 let alone an
> ETR has been challenging.

Level 3's customer service in general, and trouble resolution is the
worst I have ever experienced in
the industry.  On several occasions, I have had to call them
repeatedly (on average 6 times) to get any
meaningful response at all.  Even then, it has taken weeks to resolve
very simple issues.

Were I to be making the choice, I would never do business with Level 3
because of it.  I also have it
directly from Level 3 field engineers that they experience the exact
same loss of productivity and level
of frustration working with their own organization, and have no direct
access to the backline support

As long as I don't have any problems I need to call them for, they are
reasonably decent otherwise.

One additional note:

Based on prior experience with them, when they tell you they have
escalated it, often they have not,
if you do not demand to wait on the phone to speak with someone who
can address your issue, getting
a callback pretty much will never happen.


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