NAT66 and the subscriber prefix length

Leo Vegoda leo.vegoda at
Wed Nov 19 18:26:19 UTC 2008

On 19/11/2008 4:27, "Eugeniu Patrascu" <eugen at> wrote:


> My gripe was that I wanted to get an IPv6 allocation from RIPE to start
> testing how IPv6 would fit in the company that I work for and build a
> dual stack network so that when the time comes, just switch on IPv6 BGP
> neighbors and update the DNS.
> But at almost 10.000 EUR per year it's an experiment I can't afford.

Where did the 10k come from? According the the 2009 billing scheme
( the highest annual fee is
€5,500. The FAQ makes it clear that new members are automatically assigned
to the Extra Small billing category
(, putting
membership and the sign-up fee at €3,300.

I don't remember the RIPE NCC trying to sell expensive extras like a car
dealership. I'd be surprised if the prices quoted aren't the prices that
everyone pays.



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