Clueful FIDO contacts

Robin Rodriguez rrodriguez at
Mon Nov 17 22:51:30 UTC 2008

It is not strictly netops but I am hoping someone in nanog-land can 
assist me. I am receiving bad callerID information (I get the BTN) from 
FIDO or FIDO's upstream. My SIP providers claim they are receiving the 
bad callerID from their upstreams. Though everyone I am a customer of 
agrees that it isn't their problem and that it's FIDO's they are all 
unwilling or unable to assist me in contacting FIDO.

If anyone has a contact or a NOC number that you could contact me 
off-list i would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you, Robin

Robin D. Rodriguez
Systems Engineer
Ifbyphone, Inc.
Phone: (866) 250-1663
Fax: (847) 676-6553
rrodriguez at



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