IPv6 routing /48s

Robert.E.VanOrmer at frb.gov Robert.E.VanOrmer at frb.gov
Mon Nov 17 22:46:08 UTC 2008

Are there any parties out there routing /48 IPv6 networks globally?  I ran 
into a supposed Catch-22 with Verizon and IPv6 address space and was 
looking for clarification. 

We have been delegated a /48 by ARIN.  We then went out to procure a 
native IPv6 T1 from Verizon (*mainly for testing*).  We requested that 
Verizon route the /48 that we were provided by ARIN.  Verizon's response 
was "they do not route network smaller than a /32".  Fair enough... 
capacity planning for all the /48's would give a router a headache with 
today's hardware... so we requested address delegated from Verizon's 
larger block of addresses to be used for addressing.  The response was 
that we could not receive new address space until we returned our ARIN 
provided address space...  so in effect, go back and get a /32 from ARIN 
or give up on ever owning address space again. 

ARIN claims they are seeing /48s routed, at least in their route tables. I 
have seen some new momentum on the allocation of /32's, don't know if that 
is in response to rules like this??  Would be awefully difficult for our 
organization to come up with the rationale to need 65K /48s internally to 
justify a /32.


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