McColo: Are the 'Lights On" at Telia?

Fredy Kuenzler kuenzler at
Sun Nov 16 18:35:21 UTC 2008

Paul Ferguson schrieb:
> Thanks to some good folks in Telia, McColo has been de-peered
> (again):
>       26780 MCCOLO - McColo Corporation
>         Adjacency:     1  Upstream:     1  Downstream:     0
>         Upstream Adjacent AS list
>           AS1299          TELIANET TeliaNet Global Network
> NOT Announced
> This AS is not currently used to announce prefixes in the global 
> routing table, nor is it used as a visible transit AS.
> Prefixes added and withdrawn by this origin AS in the past 7 days.
>           -             Withdrawn
>           -             Withdrawn
>           -             Withdrawn

I was wondering why I still saw routes from McColo AS26780, and I 
noticed that we picked up the routes via the Any2 LAX routeserver. They 
still seem to be connected to Any2 LAX, even though they are no longer 
listed. I applied now filters and set the community 19996:26780 to avoid 
the annoucement of our routes towards them.

Maybe someone at CRG West could pull their plug, too.

Fredy Künzler
Init Seven AG, AS13030

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