McColo: Are the 'Lights On" at Telia?

Matthew Moyle-Croft mmc at
Sun Nov 16 04:30:18 UTC 2008

Is the spam SMTP meant to be originating from the McColo ranges or is it 
being used to control other machines elsewhere?

If they're originating the SPAM then is it sufficient for a transit 
provider to provide service but block tcp 25/465 etc and make then pass 
outbound email to something capable of cleaning it?  Or are they doing 
more than just SMTP?

Alternatively it seems a strategic advantage for a large amount of spam 
to originate from a single location with a small range of IP 
addresses.   We could all just block tcp 25/465 at our borders for their 
ranges and/or just to our mail clusters.  Although the last might leave 
customer mail servers vunerable, but at least no one could accuse us of 
filtering them (sore point in Oz at the moment!).


Matthew Moyle-Croft - Internode/Agile - Networks

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