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Neil J. McRae neil at
Wed Nov 12 13:45:12 UTC 2008

On Wed, November 12, 2008 12:40, Raymond Macharia wrote:
> Hello  fellow nanogers,
> I am a long time user of Cisco gear and currently evaluating an
> alternative
> for my network expansion. currently the one that looks like it will be
> able
> to do the job iare Alcatel-Lucent 7710/7750 service routers.
> I am looking for real life experience of those who have used it and what I
> may need to watch out for (if anything) I have seen in some of their
> documentation features like Non-stop Services (NSS) and Non-stop Routing
> (NSR). are these features real world deployable.
> oh, just to add I want to use the routers as P routers in my IP/MPLS core

I've deployed hundreds of these boxes as PE devices and they work _very
well_ indeed. Not sure specifically about the non-stop part of it other
than we have some of this deployed and it seems to work but is an area I
think ALU could expand upon (and I believe they plan too). The
ALU-Trimetra chaps based in San Jose and in Belgium are superb to work
with also.

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