hosted PBX/VOIP thru VPN?

Nathan Ward nanog at
Wed Nov 12 02:25:57 UTC 2008

On 12/11/2008, at 3:17 PM, Lorell Hathcock wrote:

> All:
> My customer wants to try to improve performance to his ATAs by  
> creating a
> VPN from his network to the VOIP provider's network through the  
> internet.

> Thoughts?  Should I try to dissuade him from this if performance is  
> his main
> motivator?


I've done this sort of thing to get around NAT problems, that's about  

Perhaps their theory is that a VPN gives them a "private" network, and  
they've heard that "private" networks do VoIP better.
Obviously, a VPN doesn't give you control of the packets on the wire  
like a private network does, so that theory doesn't work.

Nathan Ward

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