Potential Prefix Hijack

Frederico A C Neves fneves at registro.br
Tue Nov 11 15:54:50 UTC 2008

Hi Bill,

On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 07:00:47PM -0800, Bill Woodcock wrote:
>       On Tue, 11 Nov 2008, Mark Tinka wrote:
>     > Anyone know how we can contact AS16735 and their upstream 
>     > AS27664. We think they are hijacking a number of our 
>     > prefixes (AS24218- and AS17992-originated).
> Have you tried CERT-BR?  Uh...  I was about to say "they're usually very 
> responsive, and good at coordinating this sort of thing."  And then their 
> web site failed to load, because the prefix it's in is flapping.  Hm.
> Fred, you still awake?

Not at the time of the event :-(

AFAIK the event was local to CTBC (AS16735) and their customers. This
is our case and as we host RRC15 at PTTMetro São Paulo, and feed it
with a full routing BGP feed it triggered the reports from bgpmon [1].

CTBC is still pending to explain the event,

>                                 -Bill


[1] http://bgpmon.net/blog/?p=80

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