MPLS for IPv6

Miya Kohno mkohno at
Mon Nov 10 07:01:59 UTC 2008

Hi Julien,

> > If we consider the phases in terms of IPv6 deployment....,
> > 
> >  Ph-0: IPv4 only
> >  Ph-1: IPv4/v6 dual stack + v4/v6 coexistence technologies
> >  Ph-2: IPv6 only
> Hmm, not quite. I'd say:
> v4 only
> v4/v6 dual stack, with v4 being primary (for network 
> management, routing, etc)
> v4/v6 dual stack, with v6 primary
> v6 only

"A later phase of Ph-1" in my previous email corresponds to your "v4/v6
dual stack with v6 primary".
And, putting aside whether if it's evil, a certain coexistence
technologies would be needed for the phase transition.


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