MPLS for IPv6

Miya Kohno mkohno at
Mon Nov 10 06:36:46 UTC 2008

<with my vendor hat off...>

If we consider the phases in terms of IPv6 deployment...., 

 Ph-0: IPv4 only
 Ph-1: IPv4/v6 dual stack + v4/v6 coexistence technologies
 Ph-2: IPv6 only

I suppose MPLS v6 control plane would become necessary at Ph-2, or a
later stage of Ph-1.

In the meantime, MPLS can be viewed as one of the v4/v6 coexistence
technologies. IPv6 traffic can be carried over v4 signaled MPLS LSP in
various ways (i.e. 6PE/6VPN, static mapping onto TE-LSP, IGP

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