Internet partitioning event regulations

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Thu Nov 6 08:47:02 UTC 2008

:-> "Lamar" == Lamar Owen <lowen at> writes:

    > Charles Wyble charles at wrote:
    >> Lamar Owen wrote:
    >> > There are three ways that I know of (feel free to add to this list) to limit the events:
    >> > 1.) As you mentioned, regulation (or a government run and regulated backbone);
    >> Right. But what do we want this to look like?

    > Well, since I've already stepped out on a limb, here goes my try
    > at a rough outline of what such a regulation might look like
    > (with the caveat that this is likely too simple to actually make
    > it as a regulation): 
    > 2.) Allocate regulatory responsibility and enforcement authority
    > to an entity.  I would suggest the FCC would be appropriate.
    > (This outline might then be the start of a 47 CFR 221 or
    > similar). 
    > 6.) Mandate that all transit-free Internet carriers shall
    > maintain peering arrangements with all other transit-free
    > Internet carriers to maintain a complete Internet (citing some
    > law that makes a 'complete Internet' a national security matter,
    > or somesuch, and belongs in 47 CFR 221 as a result). 

    > 8.) Authorize the issuance of a 'Tier 1 Internet Provider'
    > license (that must be renewed periodically, with documentation
    > supporting the Tier 1 status) to participating transit-free
    > Internet carriers (for a fee to cover the opex). 
    > 9.) Authorize the FCC's Enforcement Bureau to enforce.

err... do you realize there's about 6.4 * 10^9 other people outside of
the USA, don't you? 


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