Ixia, Juniper going green?

Justin M. Streiner streiner at cluebyfour.org
Thu Nov 6 00:52:56 UTC 2008

On Wed, 5 Nov 2008, Glen Kent wrote:

> http://www.lightreading.com/document.asp?doc_id=166871
> I wonder what impact this would put on other vendors to turn down
> their power consumptions and turn, as Juniper and Ixia like to put it
> - Green!

I do recall some people bashing Cisco products for their power consumption
at a recent tech event I attended.  Granted, that event was 
Juniper-centric :)

Given the economic (rising power and cooling costs) and sometimes 
logistical (lack of power available in a facility) realities of operating 
networks and data centers, I'm sure everyone would love for their gear to 
draw less power.  How many watts could actually be saved remains to be 


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