Internet partitioning event regulations (was: RE: Sending vs requesting. Was: Re: Sprint / Cogent)

Larry Sheldon LarrySheldon at
Wed Nov 5 18:09:05 UTC 2008

Lamar Owen wrote:
> Larry Sheldon LarrySheldon at wrote:
>> How will that work in, say, China?  Or Iran
> [snip]
>>> But I'm sure there are loopholes in my rough outline above; it's
>>> too simple to be real regulation. :-)
>> One World Government at last!
> Just one of the many loopholes in my simplistic outline, and the most
> difficult thing of all about regulating 'the Internet.'
> So, would prefacing my outline with 'In the USA, this could be done
> for that portion of 'the Internet' provider infrastructure within the
> jurisdiction of the USA' close that hole to a degree? (not really)
> Like I said, I am not touching the definition of the 'complete
> Internet' (and I even left a clue to this hole in that line).

Do you see that as more than a minor nuisance?

I see it as a deal breaker.

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