diverse multisite advertising?

Gregori Parker Gregori.Parker at theplatform.com
Tue Nov 4 21:07:13 UTC 2008

I've been reading up on BGP and asking around, but still havent found a
hard yes/no on this...hopefully someone here can provide clarification.

If I have a single ASN and an IP allocation from ARIN, can I advertise
one half of my prefix from one site and the other half from another
distinct non-connected site using the same ASN?  If so, are there
implications with mutihoming to all unique ISPs (2 per location)?

I seem to remember that an AS Path wouldnt be valid with the same AS
appearing more than once in non-sequential order, i.e. at the beginning
and the end in this case, but am unable to verify since everything I've
been reading up on discusses BGP in single-site terms.

Thanks in advance,

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