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> Sorry for my possible ignorance, but could you explain me what are you
> calling "transit-free"?

Transit: You pay an ISP to send and receive traffic to and from "the
Internet." "The Internet" consists of: his paid customers, his peers
and anybody he pays for an Internet Transit connection. When you say,
"I have an Internet connection," that means a transit connection.

Peering: You arrange with an ISP to send and receive traffic to and
from his paid customers only. The peer network -does not- pass your
traffic to his peers or transit connections, only to his paid
customers Because his paid customers have already paid him to carry
this traffic from you (just as yours have paid you to carry the
traffic to him) such a connection is often "settlement free" meaning
that neither peer network pays the other for the privilege of a
connection or the packets sent across it.

Transit Free: A network which does not purchase any Transit
connections at all. This is presumably because your customers plus the
paid customers of all of your Peers together include 100% of the users
on the Internet.

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