Another driver for v6?

Paul Vixie vixie at
Mon Nov 3 02:49:20 UTC 2008

i'm slightly worried about feeding trolls here but it's sunday here.

HRH Sven Olaf Prinz von CyberBunker-Kamphuis MP <sven at>

> ever heard of the concept "open market"
> ipv4 address space delegations will just move from the rirs to places like
> ebay, problem solved.
> most of it is unused anyway (milnet, amateur radio ranges, etc)

the human, as a species in the animal kingdom, is known to be the kind of
animal who fouls its own nest and overruns its habitat.  the idea of a
tipping point, whether it be for CO2 in the atmosphere or polar ice shelves
or explosively deaggregated IPv4 routing tables, does not occur in the
minds of individual decision makers.  instead it's left to us "chicken
little" types, and the only way the individual decision makers ever make
their decisions on the basis of tipping points is if some kind of
"governance" makes them do so.
Paul Vixie

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