Sprint / Cogent dispute over?

Randy Epstein repstein at chello.at
Mon Nov 3 00:06:49 UTC 2008

> https://www.sprint.net/cogent.php

Yes, I've read it.  They need to fix their <TITLE>.

So while Cogent was depeered by Sprint, we contacted the CEO of Cogent on
Friday to try and arrange at least a temporary peering arrangement so that
bits flowed between our networks while they battled this situation out with
Sprint.  Cogent's response?  Buy transit from them.

I presume one of Sprint's dissatisfactions during the trial with Cogent were
ratios.  My network happens to have a very high ratio of eyeballs (inbound
traffic) vs outbound traffic.  One would believe that Cogent would like to
offload their outbound traffic to networks other than their Tier-1 peers, to
at least give them an upper hand when negotiating peering arrangements with
these networks.

It's funny how Cogent depeers networks whenever they want, but the second
another network depeers them, they cry foul.


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