routing around Sprint's depeering damage

Eric Jensen ejensen at
Sun Nov 2 19:30:16 UTC 2008

>Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2008 14:09:43 -0500
>From: Adam Rothschild <asr+nanog at>
>On 2008-11-02-10:14:14, Matthew Kaufman <matthew at> wrote:
> > But seriously, it shouldn't be necessary to have two connections at
> > work [...]
>If anything, these recent de-peerings underscore the lack of wisdom in
>end users connecting to (or purchasing CDN services from) members
>of the tier 1 club directly.

This is the take-away message for me.  Buying transit from Tier 1 (and 
especially almost-Tier 1) providers is a risky idea for single-homed 
customers.  Tier 1 connectivity could be cheaper, and could be 
better-performing, but has this potential for severe connectivity issues.

Single-homed end users would be well-advised to buy transit from a 
multi-homed tier 2/3 ISP.  Single-homed SPs (such as Sprint Wireless, for 
example) should become multi-homed or buy transit from such a multi-homed 
tier 2/3 ISP as well.

- Eric

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