routing around Sprint's depeering damage

Matthew Kaufman matthew at
Sun Nov 2 15:14:14 UTC 2008

James Jun wrote:
> As much as we blame Cogent and Sprint for breaking the internet, I also have
> no sympathy for individual single-homed downstream customers on either
> networks. If you are complaining about Sprint<->Cogent depeering and have
> customers demanding for your mission-critical services, then you are just as
> negligent to not have multihomed before all of this happened. ...

Ah yes, I suspect we can get all the network operators here to agree 
that any customer of another ISP should buy a second connection "just in 
case". Maybe this breakage will turn out to be the best way for everyone 
to double their customer base overnight.

But seriously, it shouldn't be necessary to have two connections at 
work, two connections at home, two connections for each mobile device, 
just to ensure that when large providers stop working together you can 
still reach what you need to reach.

Matthew Kaufman
matthew at

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