routing around Sprint's depeering damage

Patrick Giagnocavo patrick at
Sun Nov 2 13:58:45 UTC 2008

Marc Farnum Rendino wrote:
> Folks -
> At some point, a society decides that X is important enough to the
> society as a whole, that something official is in the overall
> interest. Roads, immigration, whatever. That it's necessary to require
> that some things be done (or not be done).
> Peering may very well not be in that category, however I think it's
> worth discussion.
> - Marc

My response would be to point out the behavior of the incumbents in the
telcom industry vs. the upstarts; which are the ones responsible for
most of the innovation that actually got delivered to the market?

Regulations raise barriers to entry; which favors the incumbent over the

Roads are a bad analogy and will only serve to obscure the discussion.


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