Sending vs requesting. Was: Re: Sprint / Cogent

Matthew Moyle-Croft mmc at
Sun Nov 2 02:07:05 UTC 2008

bas wrote:
> Why does everyone keep referring to traffic flows as sendng?
> In this case it's not as if Cogent just randomly sends data to Sprint.
I think it's a really odd reinterpretation of telephony concepts.   In 
telephony interconnects are typically settlement based, sender pays 
receiver, in the settlement based world it seems to have gotten confused.

I'm still trying to come to terms with what Sprint is trying to achieve 
here.  I can only assume it's (and I'm stealing from Vijay here) to 
raise Cogent's cost of doing business by forcing them to do settlement 
based or paid peering and thus trying to force the cost of their transit 
to rise.  Maybe it's to damage Cogent's reputation as well?  The cost of 
doing this seems to be high (ie. upsetting high paying (single homed) 
transit and mobile customers) and getting negative media coverage. 

Is this really going to make a substantial kind of difference?


Matthew Moyle-Croft - Internode/Agile - Networks

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