routing around Sprint's depeering damage

Dave Blaine dfblaine at
Sat Nov 1 23:59:31 UTC 2008

There are at least three ways to address this Sprint / Cogent partition:

1. Send Vint Cerf back up to Capitol Hill with a doomsday
scenario of what would happen to the economy if anyone else
gets as stupid as Sprint has been, begging for laws that any
tier-1 or tier-2 who wants to de-peer needs to provide all their
customers and peers with 90 day notice or face stiff fines.
Send John Schnizlein along with him to get the House
Communications Director an Akamai hosting account.
Repeat the "eyeballs-or-data, which is more valuable" mantra
whether or not there are still forty Republicans in the Senate.

2. Pick up some more fiber, dust off the router manuals, and
allow and recommend that tier-1s transit any third party
tier-1-to-tier-1 traffic.

3. Both.

Which is the best way?

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