Sprint / Cogent

Daniel Senie dts at senie.com
Sat Nov 1 15:37:30 UTC 2008

At 01:20 PM 10/31/2008, Randy Epstein wrote:
>If you haven't already seen it, the great Todd Underwood of Renesys
>published an article today on his blog regarding this subject:

Just read through Todd's blog posting. Since I'm travelling at the 
moment with a Sprint EVDO card as my connectivity, I now understand 
why some sites have not been working. I assume my Sprint phone SMS 
service is also impacted, insofar as any text-to/from-email will not 
work to sites on the affected networks either. The micro-browser in 
my phone will have been affected too, though it's too useless to 
really use anyway.

If I can find a way to fax the corporate offices of Sprint on Monday, 
I'll ask them for a refund on my service charges for the month, since 
they're now selling me access to only part of the Internet from my 
mobile devices. Funny, I'd just checked a few days ago to see if my 
mobile devices are beyond any term commitment. Since they are, I will 
now look at changing to another wireless carrier at the next 
reasonable opportunity.

Did Sprint think about the fact that their decision would actually 
impact their wireless customers? I'm sure my business's wireless 
devices won't make or break Sprint's profits, but wonder if larger 
businesses using EVDO might also raise concern? Is Sprint now lying 
about selling "Unlimited Internet Access from anywhere" when peddling 
their data cards? Is Sony, as well, by inclusion of EVDO cards within 
their notebook computers? I presume their actuarial staff ran the 
numbers and decided the risk was worth it, and that's what they'll 
tell their stock holders.

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