Why do some companies get depeered and some don't?

Patrick W. Gilmore patrick at ianai.net
Sat Nov 1 15:47:11 UTC 2008

On Oct 31, 2008, at 1:32 AM, Nelson Lai wrote:

> Why do some companies like Cogent get depeered relatively often and  
> companies like Teleglobe don't even get talked about and operate in  
> silence free from depeering?

That's funny.  One of the first networks to de-peer Cogent was  
Teleglobe.  They re-peered after a bit.

The next obvious question is: When Sprint, Telia & L3 de-peering  
Cogent, it causes a lot of news in the press & noise on NANOG, so why  
didn't you know Teleglobe depeered Cogent?  Is this because Teleglobe  
runs a better network than Sprint?  Well, that's hard to say, but  
please note that when Teleglobe depeered Cogent, they were  
disconnected just as Sprint & Cogent are disconnected now.  Doesn't  
matter how 'good' a network you run, if packets won't go there, you  
can't get there.

I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader to figure out the rest.


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