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Christopher Morrow wrote:
| On Sat, May 31, 2008 at 12:36 PM, Rod Beck
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|> Do not take taxis in New York. The subway is much faster and cheaper.
| 'you may consider that the NYC metro system is fairly cheap, fairly
| ubiquitous... Taxi's are relatively expensive in the city, though nice
| for certain places which maybe more of a gymnastics event on the
| metro'
| (the taxi system in nyc isn't too horrid, though it is pricey, which I
| think was Rod's main objection... plus if you taxi you miss out on the
| other famous NYC attraction, the giant metro rats! :) )

If you're not from NYC and or aren't familiar with certain places be
advised that taxi drivers can *mistakenly* get lost resulting in you
paying a high bill.

Tips on getting around:

* East and West starts on 5th Avenue
When you're on a numbered STREET (not Avenue) the divider from East and
West is Fifth Avenue. The numbers work themselves from there on. So for
example, if you needed to get to say 12 E57th Street, this will be
between 5th and Madison Avenue. 400 E57th will likely be down near 2nd
and 3rd Avenue. Numbers head higher in opposite directions: 1 West
Whatever Street will be between on the West side of 5th Avenue and vice
versa, 1 East will be across from 1 West ;)

* Good eating:
Chinese is best (opinion) around Mott Street and Canal. I've always
stayed away from places directly on Canal Street. Best method to get
around here via subway, 4 or 5 train from Brooklyn to City Hall,
transfer to the 6 train one stop.

Italian: Anywhere in Little Italy is usually good. Mulberry Street has
some pretty good restuarants. Dress is usually casual for most places.

Nightlife: Depending on your genre, see if you can pick up a copy of
"Village Voice" usually free in the city (Manhattan for non NYers).
Towards the end of the page, they usually post all sorts of clubs, dance
spots, bars, etc..

Unsure of NANOG's dates (too lazy to read) - if it ends up going on
through next Sunday or even begins then, some may want to keep away from
the city or at least the midtown area as the Puerto Rican Day Parade is
in the city. Usually crowded and getting or around the city via the
train is a headache.

NY'er tips... After certain hours, say 11pm'ish, when taking any of the
subways (if you do), you generally want to stay in the car nearest the
conductor. You'll usually find the troublemakers near the end of the
cars. Same goes for the platforms. If you have to take a train late at
night, stay in a visible area (common sense).

Empire State Building... If you're going to visit, be aware they're
doing a slew of security checks so expect delays. Any entrance you come
in on, you'll end up getting in the line (tourist). Unsure about the
visitors heading to the top, but you'll usually be asked for photo ID
getting in the building (I was just there earlier this month).

Yankee Stadium: Its the B, D or 4 trains. 4 is generally fastest to
161st Street.

Shea Stadium, Tennis Center, Worlds Fair: 7 train. If you see a 7 train
in a diamond (not circle) jump on it. Its the express train and will get
you there faster.

Lest I forget... Good good good steak: Peter Luger's (overrated a bit
but some really good steaks).

Here is a link for bars, clubs, nightlife, etc., etc., for those who
don't pick up the paper: (browse through
not what you may think)

Hippest bars (noise, music, people factor) (opinion): Anywhere under
14th street (14-Delancey) on 2nd Avenue. You could head towards midtown
but they end up becoming.

Snootiest bars (snooty meaning stuck up, I make more money from my dad's
trust fund then you): 40s-60s circa 2nd and 3rd Avenue.

Anything goes bars: Usually in the East Village (Bowery)
Guess My Gender bars: Usually in the West Village

Cool place to get a bite to eat, be seen, hear some cool music, see some
cool people (think noisy): Caliente Cab Company.

Best place to throw away your money for lights, camera and crapaganda:
Times Square.

Thats it for me. ;)

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