IPV6 network feeds

Joe Abley jabley at ca.afilias.info
Tue May 27 14:06:25 CDT 2008

On 27 May 2008, at 17:45, charles at thewybles.com wrote:

> Verizon provides ipv6 connectivity according to their website.

I mentioned this on another list, but if anybody has tried to actually  
turn the words referred to above into service, I would be very happy  
to hear about how they did it.

> At&t most likely does as well.

The last time I attempted to buy 7018 transit I specified that I  
needed v6, and the answer was "yes, we can do that". But when it came  
to placing an order, the reaction swiftly changed to "oh, no, actually  
we can't".

There seems to be a certain trend towards claiming IPv6 capability in  
order to win business, hoping that people are just looking for the  
check in the box and not actual exchange of packets.


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