Hauling gear around a NANOG meeting

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There is no disagreement between Mr. Rubenstein and myself. 


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> I hate to break the news to the New York bashers, but New York is one
> the safest American cities. This is not a controversial statement.

While I generally agree with what Rod is saying, saying "NYC is safe" is
like saying "all routers are cisco"

There are safe areas, and there are not safe areas. I don't know how the
Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn bridge rates, but I don't think I'd be
overly concerned. And, since people going to NANOG tend to have a
herding instinct, there shouldn't be a problem. 

> New York has a lower incidence of crime than Miami, Detroit, Seattle,
> Los Vegas, Houston, Atlanta, DC, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia.

Yes, but in at least most of those locations, my Florida or Utah CCW is

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