[NANOG] Multihoming for small frys?

Robert D. Scott robert at ufl.edu
Tue May 20 17:36:13 CDT 2008

The /24 address block has to be portable, an assignment, or the owner needs
to grant the secondary advertiser an LOA to readvertise that block. The LOA
is pretty common, but some ISPs may require you to renumber to get into
address space they will permit you to use and multihome. As always your
mileage may vary. 

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On Tue, 20 May 2008, William Herrin wrote:

> The last I heard, the way to make this happen was: Find a service 
> provider with IP blocks available in ARIN's set of /8's that permit

....that part isn't required.   Generally any /24 will do in my 
experience except for specific cases.

Other than that, you've got it about right.

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