[NANOG] Microsoft.com PMTUD black hole?

Scott Weeks surfer at mauigateway.com
Thu May 8 13:21:57 CDT 2008

---------- blaine at blaines.net wrote: ---------------

First of all I would like to thank everyone for their support and concern.
We certainly have a lot of things to "fix" at Microsoft.   In fact, I can
tell you that we have several brand new positions open (working on my team
and for teams near mine) and could use more hands at the tiller.   

My apologies to the moderators for posting a help wanted but I figure since
folks are expressing concerns with Microsoft networking they should have the
opportunity to come over and help.

Not support.  Concern about M$ on soooo many levels.  Your apologies should go to the other 10,000 folks that had to endure your improper email:


BOSD Network Engineer		231413
BOSD Senior Network Engineer		231414

heh, you mean BSOD engineer?  ;-)



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