[NANOG] Microsoft.com PMTUD black hole?

Michael Sinatra michael at rancid.berkeley.edu
Wed May 7 16:16:50 CDT 2008

Kevin Oberman wrote:

>> I agree with Iljitsch that it happens frequently, but I think I am 
>> justified in expecting more than that from Microsoft.  Anything less 
>> would be unprofessional.
> And you would consider an organization that threatens someone who
> complains publicly about its obvious incompetence "professional"? 

Absolutely not.  That was actually the point of my statement, although I 
admit that it wasn't clear.

> Many of Microsoft's people are highly professional, but the corporation,
> as a whole, has been found to be large scale law breakers on two
> continents and frequently incapable of even the most basic of technical
> operations. I'm afraid that I don't see them as at all "professional". I
> quit expecting any such behavior from them over a decade ago, probably
> closer to two. And mentioning security and Microsoft is inviting bad
> jokes and shudders.
> * Speaking only for myself *



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