[NANOG] Microsoft.com PMTUD black hole?

Nathan Anderson/FSR nathana at fsr.com
Tue May 6 20:12:42 CDT 2008


A member of Microsoft's GNS network escalations team saw my postings on 
NANOG about this issue and took offense at my use of this forum to raise 
this issue with them, and criticized me as being unprofessional and 
lacking in business acumen.

Therefore, I would like to publicly apologize for my actions here.  It 
was not my intention to "humiliate" Microsoft into compliance but rather 
to find a means of effective contact with them since none was to be 
found before today.  However, I recognize that I did step over the line, 
especially with regards to one comment I made in an earlier post about 
"giving Microsoft too much credit."  I apologize for this and retract 
this, and ask their forgiveness.

As I promised, I will not be posting any more to this list regarding 
this issue unless it is to report the final verdict that I receive from 
my now-open ticket with Microsoft (thanks to this list, I found an 
effective contact), or to discuss the mechanics of PMTUD in general.


Nathan Anderson
First Step Internet, LLC
nathana at fsr.com

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