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> I don't see what you're saying as supporting ICANN's actions.  If DNS
> is
> irrelevant for these purposes, then why bother "making a bad solution a
> bit
> worse."  Just let it become, over the next 25 years, some mid-level
> directory resource that users see less and less of, until it's almost
> as
> irrelevant as IP address.

One could make the argument this is already the case.
If I want to find a particular web site for a specific local company,
I usually search in google rather than try and find the web site by guessing
the name.  So in reality the web site name is already irrelevant for local
small businesses.

For large national and international companies, we can mostly depend on .com
mapping correctly as they have spent large sums of money protecting their brands.
Ie. maps to the fast food joint rather than some other family
owned business.

In 25 years a name will map to .com or be irrelevant with the current proposal.
I would be happy to be proven wrong but time will tell.

> (*I* don't buy that, but then again, I'm making the argument that we've
> really screwed up with DNS)
> ... JG
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> With 24 million small businesses in the US alone, that's way too many
> apples.

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