ICANN opens up Pandora's Box of new TLDs

Marshall Eubanks tme at multicasttech.com
Sun Jun 29 16:39:00 UTC 2008

On Jun 29, 2008, at 5:45 AM, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:

> On Thu, Jun 26, 2008 at 11:53:06PM +0200,
> Jeroen Massar <jeroen at unfix.org> wrote
> a message of 49 lines which said:
>> not even thinking of all the nice security issues which come along
>> (home, mycomputer and .exe etc anyone ?
> This requires serious elaboration. How could you use a domain in
> ".exe" to actually attack someone? (No handwaving, please, actual
> study.)

I think it would be the other way around - I would assume that that  
was a near worthless TLD, as it
would come with a built in DOS : If I had (say) program.exe as a  
domain name,
what Windows user would ever type it in ?


>> Thank you people doing all the ICANN politics for destroying the  
>> Internet.
> The Internet, until now, resisted to forces much more powerful than

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