ICANN opens up Pandora's Box of new TLDs

Jim Shankland nanog at shankland.org
Sat Jun 28 01:11:58 UTC 2008

Randy Bush wrote:
> this is analogous to the gossip that most spam comes from china, asia,
> nigeria, or whomever we like to be xenophobic or racist about this week.
> measurement shows the united states to be the largest single source of spam.

Because it's Friday, I checked the last few weeks or so of logs from
my personal mail server (located in the US), and broke the list of
unique IP addresses rejected by zen.spamhaus.org up by registry:

49.2%	RIPE
22.2%	LACNIC
13.8%	ARIN
13.5%	APNIC
  1.3%	Afrinic

ARIN's share may be slightly overstated, as it includes most of
the legacy blocks.

For what it's worth ....

Jim Shankland

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