what problem are we solving? (was Re: ICANN opens up Pandora's Box of new TLDs)

Roland Perry lists at internetpolicyagency.com
Fri Jun 27 21:10:56 UTC 2008

In article <Pine.LNX.4.64.0806271051500.5759 at pegasus.billn.net>, Bill 
Nash <billn at billn.net> writes
>I agree with Scott, I'd rather see ICANN spend time on current problems 
>instead of making new ones.

Did you express that opinion to the Paris meeting?

[Not an attack on you specifically, but as this process has been ongoing 
for at least five years, I think I detect a number of people here 
hastily building stables, debating what kind of door to attach, when the 
horse is already several blocks away.]
Roland Perry

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