ICANN opens up Pandora's Box of new TLDs

Marshall Eubanks tme at multicasttech.com
Fri Jun 27 09:12:57 UTC 2008

On Jun 26, 2008, at 9:20 PM, Tuc at T-B-O-H.NET wrote:

>> Two years ago I posed the question here about the need for TLDs
>> (http://www.mcabee.org/lists/nanog/May-06/msg00110.html).
> 	This all should have been solved by allowing those who
> wanted/applied for TLDs to be granted them back in 1995 when
> originally requested :
> http://www.gtld-mou.org/gtld-discuss/mail-archive/00990.html

The SNR in the gtld WG was very low, which I think may have been an  
influencing factor.

I do have to wonder, however, what Eugene Kashpureff thinks about this.


> 	There was a procedure, people followed it, and IANA
> decided to go other ways with it. Now years later there is
> all this red tape restricting things.
> 	And if the "powers that be" decide to go back to
> it, you can replace stormking.com with t-b-o-h.net and I
> look forward to it! ;)
> 		Tuc / Scott Ellentuch

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