ICANN opens up Pandora's Box of new TLDs

Jean-François Mezei jfmezei at vaxination.ca
Fri Jun 27 04:01:23 UTC 2008

A while ago, there was come debate about the introduction of a .XXX gTLD
with some of the folks objecting to its formation.

Does anyone know how if the new gTLD system will still give some "veto"
power to some people over some domain names that are morally objectable
to some people ?

I am not thinking of only .SEX but perhaps also .GOD .GAY .ALLAH .BI

Religions will be interesting especially in cases where there is no
central representative for a religion who can make the official

And in the case where there would be global conflicts, what happens ?

For instance, in the USA "ABC" is the american broadcasting companies,
but in australia, it is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Is it fair to hand .ABC to either one of the two ? (highest bidder) or
will ICANN "lock" .ABC out so that neither can get to it ? I am sure
there are many such gTLDs around the world that would conflict across

Finally, will there be any performance impact on DNS servers around the
world (thinking of caching issues) ?

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