ICANN opens up Pandora's Box of new TLDs

Jason Williams williamsjj at digitar.com
Fri Jun 27 02:20:00 UTC 2008

>> > 
>> > You are welcome to ascribe it to whatever you want.  I will note that
>> > very few Non-profit organizations engage in such behavior. Very
>> > few governments do so, either. In fact, absent a corporate profit
>> > motive, this behavior seems very rare.
> Given the level of customer service most governmental agencies and non-profits
> provide, they¹ve got a lot of other usability holes to fill first before they
> start worrying about their ³clients² going to the wrong website. Secondarily,
> their clients going to the wrong location isn¹t going to put them out of
> existence.  So on the level that profit=existence I¹d agree it¹s definitely
> profit motivated. But greed is pejorative term.
> -J

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