EC2 and GAE means end of ip address reputation industry? (Re:

Ken Simpson ksimpson at
Tue Jun 24 22:06:26 UTC 2008

>> One could argue that the "botnets for rent" business model is in more
>> widespread use than either EC2 or gridserver...
>> I'm unclear whether that statement needs a smiley or not...
> i'd say that since EC2 won't be shut down when it's found out about,  
> that
> you need a smiley.  "widespread use" is too narrow a term.  none of us
> expects white-hat e-commerce business to move into rented botnets, and
> rented botnets aren't all going to be in the same address space or  
> ASN.

IMHO, Amazon will eventually be forced to bifurcate their EC2 IP space  
into a section that is for "newbies" and a section for established  
customers. The newbie space will be widely black-listed, but will also  
have a lower rate of abuse complaint enforcement.

The only scalable way to deal with a system like EC2 is to provide  
clear demarcations of where the crap is likely to originate from.


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