smstools and CDMA

Phil Regnauld regnauld at
Fri Jun 20 19:30:13 UTC 2008

Douglas K. Rand (rand) writes:
> From the GMS point of view I live and work in the boondocks: Grand
> Forks, North Dakota. (OK, so there is a decent argument that the
> entire US is GSM boondocks.)
> Anyway, I'm trying to figure out a way of sending and receiving text
> messages using a tool like smstools and a CDMA modem. 
> I've found the MultiTech CDMA modem (MTCBA-C-N3-NAM) but I can't seem
> to find any success stories to go along with it.

	(I gather you mean

	Does it support the AT command set ?  But even if it did, I think
	that the first question in the FAQ says it all regarding requirements,
	but I may be wrong.

	Alternatively, have you considered a Nokia handset with Gnokii ?

1) What hardware do I need? You need a Computer with at least one serial
port. It does not matter how fast the CPU is and how much memory you
installed. An old 486DX processor with 32 MB memory is enough. You
also need at least one GSM modem with SMS command set according to the
european specifications GSM 07.05 (=ETSI TS 300 585) and GSM 03.38
(=ETSI TS 100 900).

When a vendor writes "SMS command set" without giving the specification
names, then the device typically supports a subset of this
specification. In this case you can surely send 7bit text messages and
you can probably receive them. But its not sure, if status reports,
binary messages or unicode messages work.

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