PPPoE over L2TP over GigE questions

Francois Menard francois at menards.ca
Wed Jun 18 03:43:35 UTC 2008

How about a couple more rabbit holes to dig into:

Try to find the intersection between:

DSL Forum TR-101 unbundling
Bell replacing tunnel switching with AGAS
802.3AH PBB
Wiremap update protocol
SIP Location Conveyance
PIDF-LO transmission over the NENA i2 V0 interface
Carrying the originating DSLAM port over the RADIUS accounting interface
Bitstream unbundling of the multicast plane
Denial of access to subloop unbundling
Phase II costing of DSL access and capping mark-ups to 15%
Capping the mark-up for conditional-essential services
Net Neutrality
Dark fibre forbearance
Phase out of non-essential services

You mix this alphabet soup, eat a good portion daily - this keeps your  
brain sharp and the doctor away

We're trying to figure out how the next 10 years of DSL unbundling  
will be done, such as that it will support prioritized VoIP, triple  
play and E-9-1-1, and how ISPs will be able to secure their own DSL  
aggregation out of dark fibre being available at tariffed rates.

Comments due June 25 at the CRTC.


On 17-Jun-08, at 11:53 AM, Charles N Wyble wrote:

> This has been a very informative thread. All sorts of acronyms to
> research and so forth. :)
> The mention of TR-101 took me down another rabbit hole, and I  
> discovered
> http://www.dslforum.org/trlist/trlist.php.
> Very interesting info.
> Charles
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