Cable Colors

Blake Pfankuch bpfankuch at
Tue Jun 17 14:18:06 UTC 2008

Course it can still get a little rough.  In our noc we have a well working standard.

Blue == IPKVM
Black == Internal Data VLAN
Green == Client managed device
Yellow == Client device (we manage)
White == to Desktop (or phone)
Pink == iSCSI
Orange == SAN fiber

Sadly we don't have any white and red (as someone else pointed out.  Poor new tech with no fingers)

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Peter Wohlers wrote:
> As you can see, by and large, people assign colors to functions. What
> color to what function varies like the wind. Unlike a previous employer
> whose colo-manager person insisted on using colors to represent cable
> lengths (Doh!), color -> function mapping seems pretty universal.

I used to do that too... Until I stood behind a rack trying to figure
out which of the 70 or so gray wires from the switch was the one going
to the box I was having the problem with. Then I bought as many
different colors as I could find, and mixed things up a bit.

Matthew Kaufman

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