Cable Colors

Owen DeLong owen at
Tue Jun 17 06:31:13 UTC 2008

On Jun 16, 2008, at 7:15 PM, Michael Smith wrote:

> Hi Joe:
>> Hello Newbie here (hopefully I have the correct list),
>> I was just wondering if anyone knows of a website with recommended
>> colors for cables for a new datacenter?
>> I have written some things down but I don't want to get stuck saying
>> 'darn, I wish I would have bought this color for this type, now I am
>> stuck'.
>> What standard color to use if voice and data on same interface etc.  
>> Thanks.
>> -- 
>> Thank You, Joe
> I have found that it's better not to standardize on wire color because
> someone will always use the wrong color in a pinch if it will solve an
> immediate problem.  Instead, come up with a labeling system that  
> clearly
> defines the physical source and destination of the wire.
> Mike

Indeed, we solve the former problem using the latter solution.  If  
uses the wrong color, we require them to do the following:

	1.	Do NOT install the cable into the cable management.  Leave
		it hanging.

	2.	Use labels to label the intended color of the cable at each end
		and at 2' increments along the length of the cable if it is more than
		3.5 feet long.


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