Cable Colors

David Coulson david at
Tue Jun 17 04:44:18 UTC 2008

Steve Bertrand wrote:
> LOL, simplicity via obscurity at its finest ;)
> Colour coding works great, and it's easy to follow. Then there is that 
> issue that pops up where *that* cable over there will work!
90% of our movable cable patches (aka stuff that is not hard wired into 
a patch panel) are less than three feet long and are totally enclosed 
within individual racks (e.g. server to top of rack switch, switch to 
patch panel, other side of patch panel to core) - Each end of the cable 
is labeled, so it's pretty easy to trace it.

I care more about cable management when you have something like a 6513 
with a bunch of 48 port Ethernet blades. Not figured out a way to deal 
with that which doesn't look like complete crap - Doesn't matter what 
color they are. The vertical 7600s/6509-VE models are nice, but of 
course, we don't have those :)


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