Cable Colors

Pete Templin petelists at
Tue Jun 17 02:14:07 UTC 2008

Joe Greco wrote:
>> They make a crimper specifically for it, which cuts of the ends. I 
>> haven't done a few thousand ends with it but it does make it slightly 
>> easier to maintain the twist further into the the plug because you can 
>> pull it until snug.
> Yeah, I am reluctant to go retooling for that crimper.  I had idly ordered
> some of the crimps one day, just to get a better look, thinking I might be
> able to get away with a two-step "crimp and then use-a-flush-cutter" on it.
> Not practical.  Bah.  

I've had good success (when forced to use those heads) with pulling til 
snug, cutting with a flush cutter, then backing off ever so slightly so 
the ends aren't hanging out in short-land.  I use the same tools the 
same number of times as I do for other heads, but I pick them up in a 
difference sequence, so there's no gain without the custom crimper.

I avoid them if at all possible though, and carry plenty of "preferred" 
heads to any project where I might want them.


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