Cable Colors

Joe Greco jgreco at
Tue Jun 17 02:07:19 UTC 2008

> They make a crimper specifically for it, which cuts of the ends. I 
> haven't done a few thousand ends with it but it does make it slightly 
> easier to maintain the twist further into the the plug because you can 
> pull it until snug.

Yeah, I am reluctant to go retooling for that crimper.  I had idly ordered
some of the crimps one day, just to get a better look, thinking I might be
able to get away with a two-step "crimp and then use-a-flush-cutter" on it.
Not practical.  Bah.  

So my initial impression is that it might help with the annoyance of having
to massage the cable when one of the conductors isn't quite working out,
but the need to straighten a greater length of each conductor is completely
at odds with my cable-making style, where I'm an old fashioned
pinch-n-wiggle straightening all eight conductors at the same time, which 
is only good for maybe 1/2" of straightening, which DOES not work for these
silly things.

Other than completely ruining my day with respect to that, I was relatively
impressed with the quality of Cat6 cable I was able to throw together, and
that the twist could be pulled until snug, as you noted.  It also looks
like it would be good for avoiding the usual problems you run into with new
people who can't for the life of them make a crimp where the jacket doesn't
pull out of the crimp at the first brief glance the cable experiences.

I was less impressed that the boots are only available for Cat6.

Interesting, though.

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