Cable Colors

JoeSox joesox at
Tue Jun 17 01:44:01 UTC 2008

I'll save the bandwidth and reply to everyone in one email :P

Lots of good replies, gave me lots of ideas and confirmed my planning
already. I like the idea of reserving some colors and the serial
numbers idea.

Some people seem were wishing I provided more details so my
'datacenter' basically has a D3 and has a bunch of T1s MPLS and some
tunnels running.  Got some different VLANs and upper management would
like to seperate cable color by device type but I would rather do it
by VLAN.  We are running VOIP and some workstation are running data
thru the phone to the patchpanel to the switch.  Got two Juniper
firewalls clustered, not sure how to color code those but I'm sure
I'll figure it out.

I reserve for SPAWAR and have inspected a bunch of Navy networks,
luckily I don't have THAT much crypto to worry about.
Maybe I'll create a webpage on what I came up with! Thanks again for
all the replies.
Thank You, Joe

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